Up ComingEvents

We have many events over the course of the year to raise awareness and funds to assist us in the work we do.

We have offered seminars and speakers for people and their families on such topics as Registered Disability Savings Plans, Surviving the School System, and what supports are available in our community. From our fundraising bingos to our Fall Classic Golf tournament we have something for everyone.

Feb 12

Developmental SErvices Housing Task Force

The Developmental Services Innovative Housing Task Force will be presenting a preliminary report and recommendations from the Housing Task Force, with an update on future activities and deliverables related to the 18 projects curently underway. The 18 projects were designed to create inclusive, sustainable, affordable new housing models for adults with developmental challenges. For more information and to register for the Friday, February 16th session which starts at 12 noon go to P4P Planning Network at planningnetwork.ca.