The agency is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the Membership and the immediate Past President at our Annual General Membership meeting . The Officers are elected by the Directors at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Membership meeting.

The Directors for this year are:
  • Linda Lister, Immediate Past President
  • Murielle Mayer
  • Robert Mayes
  • Desneiges Miseferi
  • Stephane Perrault
  • Suzie Pilon, Vice President
  • Norman Quenneville
  • Susan Ramsay, Treasurer
  • Kimberly Walsh, President

The Board meets monthly except for the months of July and August. Sub-Committees meet as required. The Annual General Membership meeting is held in June of each year. Notices of the meeting are mailed and advertised a minimum of 21 days prior to the meeting.