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Developing your Individualized Housing Vision Action Plan – Ten-Week Virtual Session

Creating and exploring options for home is perhaps one of the most important aspects of future planning for individuals with a disability. With the help of facilitation and planning, many families have found creative and innovative ways to support their loved ones in creating a home of one’s own.

If you are ready to create an individualized housing plan with your loved one, a plan that will help your loved one realize a home of their own, the Partners for Planning 10-week facilitated individualized housing workshop can help make this happen.


  • Plan and create your housing vision for the future
  • Explore various individualized housing & support models
  • Explore how natural supports and relationships can help make the plan possible
  • Create a plan for all your support needs and learn about ways you can maximize financial resources
  • Discover strategies to help reduce costs
  • Identify goals and tasks to begin implementation of your plan


  • Group learning sessions and individual support of an Independent Facilitator
  • Dedicated time with your Independent Facilitator between workshop sessions to support your planning process
  • Individual consultation with housing specialist Kelly Casey to optimize your plan
  • Preparation of your individualized housing plan complete with a budget
  • Meet with and learn from other families interested in individualized housing
  • Cost for the series is $1600.00 (HST included) and is an eligible Passport expense.

P4P in partnership with Kelly Casey is hosting our next Ten-week Virtual Program beginning Friday, April 26th from 10am-12pm. The program will run for 10 weeks each Friday. If you are interested in registering for the program please complete THIS FORM.


  • The 10-week workshop is a comprehensive and intensive learning experience for families. Prior to enrolling in the workshop, families will be asked to complete a check list of tasks that would be nice to have in place before starting the workshop – this is not a however requirement and we will be able to work on these things during the workshop as well.
  • This workshop is meant for one individual and one plan at a time. If you have more than one family requiring a housing plan, please reach out to Natalie Jones at the email below.
  • This workshop is not meant for families who are in crisis. Please contact your local DSO if you are experiencing changes in your situation which has left your families in a vulnerable position.


If you would like to learn more about the workshop we will also be hosting a series of information sessions on:

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