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Planning and Facilitation Collaborative

P4P is excited to announce the launch of the Planning & Facilitation Collaborative, a virtual online community for those providing or who are interested in planning and facilitation.

The Planning and Facilitation Collaborative is a space where professionals and aspiring professionals can gather together to share knowledge and experiences, while also continuing to develop their skills and expertise through a series of online courses on planning and facilitation.

Joining the Planning & Facilitation Collaborative includes:

The Values in Planning and Facilitation course:

  • The 9-week hybrid course will be a mix of live sessions and self-paced learning meant to ground the work that we do and set the tone for your involvement in the collaborative. This mandatory first course will dive into the strong, inclusive community-based core values that we believe are necessary to guide the work of planning and facilitation. Facilitators for this course will be Carolyn Fast and Anna Bruno.

The course launches on October 4, 2022.

Access to the Planning & Facilitation Network:

  • This online network will connect you with other facilitators. It will create opportunities to come together around areas of interest, share knowledge and best practices. The network will be a place where you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the sector, dedicate time to your reflective practice and be supported by a community of other facilitators. In addition, the distinct network will be used to develop discussions over what is being learned in the PFC’s courses. Ongoing access to this network remains available to you at no additional cost.

Access to a Variety of Courses, Workshops and Live-Events:

  • The Values course is just the beginning. Once the network is launched we will work to develop additional courses on topics such as Facilitating Family Networks, Developing Supportive Relationships, Building Valued Roles in Community, Facilitating a Microboard, etc. It is our hope that the spirit of the collaborative will inspire others to bring forward new offerings and share their expertise with the network.

Cost of the course is $199.00.

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Your participation and support in the new collaborative will help shape the learning environment for planners and facilitators in the sector and contribute to the growth of our field, our collective expertise, and the value we offer to people and families to live their best lives.

We invite you to join us as we launch this important and exciting endeavour. Join us!

Start today & get involved with us.