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Accommodation Supports

Community Living-Stormont County strives to provide people with accommodation supports specific to their individual needs. 

We offer:

  • Group Living, 24/7 supports
  • Supported Independent Living
  • Apartment Settings


The level of supports will vary and we will work to accommodate each person’s needs.

Our staff encourages the people they support to participate in all aspects of daily living such as meal preparation, household chores, managing their finances, personal care and the opportunity to participate in social and leisure activities of their choice.

Community Living-Stormont County promotes family involvement, a nurturing and caring atmosphere and the opportunity for each person to make choices and to be involved in every day decisions.

We focus on providing quality of life and helping each person to reach their goals and dreams. 

Each person receiving accommodation supports is given the opportunity to participate in the person-centred planning process.  Through this process the person is able to identify their desired outcomes, as well as planning how to achieve them.  The planning process also ensures that the individual’s changing needs, aspirations and choices are recognized and respected.

Person-centred planning

Community Living – Stormont county promotes a Person-Centred Planning approach to services.  The planning process helps in setting goals, developing strategies and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.  The process aims to strengthen the person’s ability to have his/her wishes understood and broaden his/her self-determination, choice and control.

Life Plans

Are generally for individuals in C.L.S.C. residential services.  All aspects of a person’s life are assessed when developing the plan. This includes work, friends, travel, home, possessions, family, romantic relationships, learning and education, spiritual, social, health and safety and community.  Life Plans are reviewed/revised every six months and a new one completed every two years.

Individualized Support Plans

Are completed annually for all people supported by Community Living – Stormont County.  Measurable goals are identified by the individual and his / her support network.  Accountability for reaching the identified goals are clearly defined. Individualized Support Plans are reviewed/revised every six months and a new one completed every year.

Referral Process

All referrals for Adult Services must be made to Developmental Service Ontario1-855-376-3737

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