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Supported Employment

The goal of this program is to teach individuals the necessary skills to become as independent as possible and gainfully employed in their community, whether it be a full or part-time job.

  • Resume Writing/Interview Skills
  • Job Search/Matching
  • Skill Development
  • Travel Training
  • Access to job Coaches
  • Ongoing follow-up Support
  • Income Reporting Support (ODSP)
  • Workplace Safety

Referral Process

All referrals for Adult Services must be made to Developmental Service Ontario –1-855-376-3737

Employment Connectors

Be a Leader. Become an Employment Connector and discover the rewards of hiring someone with a developmental challenge from your community.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a diverse and hard-working workforce
  • On-site training and follow-up support
  • Reduced recruiting time
  • Access to government incentives
  • Hassle-free process and paperwork

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