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The Early Childhood Integration Consultation Service (E.C.I.C.S) has a purchase of service agreement with the City of Cornwall’s Children’s Service to deliver supports to children with developmental challenges, who are attending licensed child care centres.

The model is a “team approach” to providing supports with the Registered Early Childhood Educator and the team, including the child with developmental challenges in all aspects of their programming with the help of an Integration Advisor for a truly inclusive model. Everyone in the child’s room provides support to meet the child’s needs.

The model consists of 4 key areas: 

Integration Advisors

Integration Advisors are employed by CLSC in the Early Childhood Integration Consultation Service. They are each assigned to specific child care centers where a child(ren) with developmental challenges attends. They are a resource for the educators/supervisors in the programs.

Consultation Services

The Integration Advisor can provide consultation to any licensed child care center within S.D.& G. They are not assigned to specific children. Their role is to coach, model, and provide suggestions, adaptations/modifications to meet the child’s need so they can be fully included in the child care programming. They set up regular scheduled visits to the centers and organize planning conferences for each child. Most importantly, they advocate for total inclusion of all children in our programs.

Community Capacity Building

Capacity building is an important part of the model. The purpose is to enhance the capacity of our community in supporting children who have developmental challenges. This can be done by offering mini-workshops for educators or parents and presentations at the high school or college level.


Resources can include various toys, equipment or books related to developmental challenges. These items can be found in the ECICS Resource Lending Library. The Integration Advisors will provide each center with a detailed list of items that they can borrow, to help include the child with developmental challenges in their programs. 

For more information please call 613-938-9550 or email info@clstormont.ca


To be eligible for the service a child must be attending a licensed child care program (center or home-based) or a licensed before and after school program. The child must have a developmental challenge which is defined as facing barriers to normal development and functioning in one or more of the following areas of development: physical, social, emotional, communicational and intellectual and be less than 13 years of age. 


Any request for services must be done through the City of Cornwall’s Children’s Services.  For more information, please visit the City of Cornwall’s website: 

Inclusion Services – City of Cornwall

For more information on ECICS, please call 613-938-9550 or email info@clstormont.ca

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