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Understanding a Trauma Informed Approach to Support Webcast

Please join us for a webcast presented in partnership by The Ministry of Children and Community Services and Partners for Planning – Understanding A Trauma-Informed Approach to Support. This is a webcast designed for professionals supporting people with a developmental disability.

Understanding and acknowledging how trauma impacts and presents in the lives of people with a disability is critical in determining how we approach the people we support. Trauma-informed supports leverage the power of relationships and connection to support people with a disability to move past the harm they have lived through or continue to experience.

Implementing trauma-informed practices ensures people with developmental disabilities have the necessary support, care, and guidance throughout their care journey, including during critical periods such as integrating into adult services. Adopting trauma-informed supports allows organizations to provide safe and empowering environments that foster healing, growth, and resiliency.

In this webcast, Dr. Karyn Harvey introduces the various ways people with a developmental disability experience trauma, the impact this has on people’s lives and where service providers can focus their efforts to support healing. Dr. Karyn Harvey brings over 30 years of experience in supporting people with a disability, and the organizations who support them, to overcome the impacts of trauma and re-establish joy in people’s lives.

Presenter: Dr Karyn Harvey PhD, Psychologist and Author

Tuesday, October 3
11:00am – 12:00pm/EST

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