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It is the Vision of Community Living Stormont County that: All citizens can live in and be part of a competent and caring community where all people have equal rights and opportunities for growth...

To achieve this Vision we believe that:
  • All children should live in and be part of a caring, nurturing and supportive family unit.
  • All people are valued individuals with unique characteristics, strengths and needs.
  • All people must be afforded the choice with respect to where and with whom they live.
  • All people have the right to participate in the leisure activities of their choice.
  • All people must receive supports and services geared to their specific needs.
  • All people must have the opportunity to develope and maintain caring relationships.
  • All people must have the opportunity for meaningful employment.
  • All people must be afforded financial security.
  • All people must be supported to exercise their right to make choices, decisions and plans that affect their lives.
  • Supports and services within the community must be accessible to all people.
  • Activities and services that segregate individuals or groups should not be supported.
Approved by the Membership April 18, 1988.