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The Drive to Succeed

If you’ve been to Home Depot you may have met Kirk, one of their lot associates. Like Norm from Cheers…at Home Depot everybody knows his name! His boisterous voice can often be heard throughout the store!

Kirk first started receiving support from CLSC in 2000, when he was in his early 20s.  He wanted to work.  Through the years he did just that, he worked… and what a worker he is!  With a little help from CLSC, he held many jobs through the years, including grounds maintenance for Cornwall & Area Housing, detailing cars at a local car wash, cleaning at Fabricville and Cornwall Gymnastics Club, to finally landing a job at Home Depot in 2011.  Almost 11 years later, he’s still a valued employee. 

Kirk has been recognized by Home Depot many times over the years. Recently, he received the GET Award after a “fellow employee saw him provide excellent customer service and nailed all the “GET” principles of Greet, Engage & Thank”, and was named the Operations Associate of the Month. Kirk is surrounded by a great group of people at Home Depot, co-workers, supervisors and management, who look out for his best interest.

Since Kirk was a little boy, he was always passionate about anything with wheels. He first started with bikes, taking them apart, and rebuilding them. Often, on his days off he would lend a hand at various bike stores helping them with assembly. He had summer and winter bikes, and even macgyvered a trailer to attach to his bikes so he could haul things, since this was his main mode of transportation. After working a few years at Home Depot this changed. His efforts paid off. With more money in his pocket and a little guidance from his SIL Worker, he saved up enough money to buy a car! First, he needed to get his driver’s license. With support, he managed to get his driver’s license in 2015, a few years later he bought his first car, his pride and joy!

Through his perseverance, Kirk has accomplished many things.  He’s learned to use a cell phone and text.  His Home Depot family taught him how to use the computer at work to access his personal information.  Kirk has his own apartment, which he shares with his cat Heidi.  He tries his best to balance all of the demands of daily life, and with a little support is doing quite well. 

He is kind and respectful, and tends to only see the good in people.  He is loyal to friends, family and co-workers, and is always ready to help.  I believe this truly makes him happy, to be valued and needed.

Nicole Paquette, Community Placement Coordinator at Community Living Stormont County

“In a nutshell, Kirk displays “Orange” values on a daily basis.  He is always punctual, hard-working, friendly and extremely flexible when it comes to switching and filling shifts.  He gives 110% of himself and appears to be happy to be a part of the Home   Depot family. Kirk is a valued member and truly appreciated”.   

Cynthia Stead, HR Staffing Coordinator at Home Depot

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